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Types of companies we have helped.

Since 1998 we have worked with:

  • Business consultants
  • I.T. Service providers
  • Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
  • Telecom service providers
  • Publishing companies
  • Architects
  • CPA and Bookkeeping firms
70% of advertising is a waste.

Advertising experts say that 70% of
advertising is money down the drain.

We completely agree.
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We have been helping companies
grow revenue for years.

Our sales Jump Start programs have helped
generate over 200 million dollars in new sales
for companies. We have learned many lessons
and developed proven systems to increase
sales and profits.
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On site SEO + content developement + Social Medai + blogs + engagement strategies + backlinks +  
tracking and measurements.  Those are the componets of our SEO programs.
Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
It still makes sense to utilize paid advertising
on line.  We can design a custom plan utilizing Google,
Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, Face Book, and many other
"sponsored search"  advertising.

Even an extremely well implemented S.E.O. program can
not cover all of the possible searches for your service. Pay
per click
can cover all your bases.

There are many highly ranked portals and
directories for your industry. We work hard to
identify the best opportunities for your business.
Many of these sites already have great rankings,
so becoming part of their advertising or free
listings makes great sense.

We will research the top competitors for your
keywords and provide assessment and linking

Google looks at over 40 different items in determining
where your business will rank in their local directory.

We will list and then optimize those listings in Google,
Yahoo and Bing. Often these listings are
more valuable than organic listings produced through
search engine optimization companies
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Local Optimization Clients
Services: Denver Search Engine Optimization l Denver S.E.O. l
Our Search Engine Optimization Ptrograms:

  •  Local Optimization for Google Maps  and Google Plus $695.00
  •  Local Optimization and Local organic My One Call Authority programs. $1250.00.
  •  Local Optimization My One Call Authority and Organic local SEO. $2450.00
  • National SEO from $1000.00 a month.
  • All programs come with an ongoing web managed service for 6 months starting at $149.00

Social media is a partner to SEO. Twitter, Face
book, Linked in  Google Plus and many other
opportunities can be great visibility for your

We can do more than set it up, we can
run it with the creative process needed to
bring success.
Watch the video from the Google Spokesman Matt Cutts explaining "How Search Works":
At My One Call our S.E.O. programs utilize
all or the best parts of each of these areas.

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Local Optimization
Pay per Click Advertising
Back Linking and Blogs

"My One Call has
meet all expectation
unlike a lot of SEO
company out there
promising to get you
rated and never do."

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We have a great success rate getting clients on the first page of Google Using our proven system.

All programs include:

  • On Site Optimization   (about 25%  of the success of your sites rankings)
  • Research and assessments.  We can identify what keywords you need to target, and the competition
    for those keywords.
  • Linking Services:  We will link your site to other well respected sites.

Pay per click (optional)  In a hurry to get on the first page of Google?  You can be there tomorrow. We are a
Google Engaged marketing agency  partner.
Search Engine Optimization Services
You can see the building blocks of our search engine optimization below.
Search Engine Optimization
We are
A +
Rated with the
Denver Better
Business Bureau
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The first step in any SEO process is to assess your
current site and determine how to make it attractive for
the search engines.

With every program, we will look at your copy, meta
tags, navigation, and SEO factors. Once that is completed
we will start the Off Site work.

No amount of SEO work will be 100% suceessful with
out the on site work being completed.
On Site Work. SEO Your Web Site.
Social Media
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