Our Purpose: Growing your revenues and profits through unique and proven systems.

Through our unique process we can help your business create more customers.  We have several programs a new client
may choose to grow revenues.
Partnering program:

In this relationship My One Call becomes your
companies marketing, and business growth firm. As such
we will provide the services described in the jump start
program as well as assist or complete many of the
prospecting tasks. It's like having a Vice President of
Marketing, Sales training and business development all in

Over time we will develop new marketing pieces, new
presentation books, and a web site as needed to grow
your business. We manage all the advertising and
research and implement new opportunities. As growth
brings new challenges we also can conduct management
training as needed. It’s like having a highly skilled and
experienced partner with out the partnership problems.

Sales Articles and Information.
Over the year we have published a great deal of
information on how a company can sell more, hire
better, and in general make more money.  Feel free to
browse through some of our "promoted" blogs and
great sales articles

See them on our
sales blog and articles page
Outside Sales and Business Development

80% of sells success is in the process of getting you in
front of a qualified buyer.  With our unique program
we do the prospecting for you.

If your company had a targeted prospect base that was
called on by telephone, personal visits, and
communicated with monthly with fresh and interesting
email's and letters,  how many new customers would
you have every month?

We give you an inside sales force, outside sales
professionals, and a marketing program, all managed by
some of the top professionals in the business. Its like
having a large companies sales and marketing resources,
that works with any budget.

Part Time Programs start as low as $1825  a month.
View our presentation on our
Business development
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Types of companies we have helped.

Since 1999 we have worked with:

  • Business consultants
  • I.T. Service providers
  • Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
  • Telecom service providers
  • Publishing companies
  • Architects
  • CPA and Bookkeeping firms
  • Contractors
  • Property Maintenance
  • Auto warranty and repair
Sales Coaching

As a sales coaching client we assess and improve many
of the following areas of your sales process:

    * Why prospects don't buy.
    * What do they fear?
    * Whats different about your product?
    * Whats your guarantee?
    * Selling to different personalities.
    * Assess your sales presentation.
    * Closing training.
    * Incentives.
    * Goals by sales person.
    * Qualifying questions.
    * Target market
    Click here for more information

Recently in one week we improved a clients first call
closing percentage from below 50% to above 70%.  
One week, two little changes. We are now working
on reducing their cost of sale by 30%.   Are this
results typical?  More than typical,  increasing your
company's closing percentage, and reducing your cost
of sale is a guarantee when you utilize a My One Call
certified sales coach. And it may be the least expensive
way of adding revenue to your company. Coaching
programs start at $800.00 a month. Remote sales
management at $400.00. Click below for more

Sales Coaching for Business 2 Business sales.
Sales Coaching for Contractors
Sales Coaching for Businesses