With  My One Call On Line Marketing System we look for long term return on investment through on line reputation programs, promotion,
    and unique communications. Below you will find just a few custom solutions developed for clients:

    Your company needs to be visibly on the Internet. With our three step marketing program  more prospects will find you, more will buy from you,
    and more will buy from you again.

    First Step:  List and optimize your company in the major Internet Local directories, Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN). This is the most important
    marketing tool available to local businesses. It allows the thousands of prospects searching for your service to find your company

    Step Two is to provide your company with our on line company reputation program. A powerful system to get your customers talking about you
    on line. We provide a system that encourages your customers to review your services and  publish them on major search engines and on line
    review sites. This gives you higher ratings (better visibility) and you stand out from your competition.

    ( Blue Sky Remodeling  reports over $55,000.00 in new sales in 6 weeks based on this listing)

    Step Three allows you to offer additional services, offers and products to your customers  You will also collect their email (permission based) so
    you can continue or to contact your customer base with offers, newsletters, or request for referrals.

    An actual Example, Blue Sky Remodeling Inc. had eight years of successful general contracting experience. But, like many industries the current
    economic down turn had them looking for more cost effective prospect generation. Our solution was our on line marketing service.

    By requesting a review from all of their customers, we were able to bring their site to number one in Goggle and Bing for their categories, and
    make them stand out above the on line competition.

    After 60 days Blue Sky had doubled the sales inquires on their site, and sold several new projects.

    It's a marketing system that makes sense. Blue Sky will continue to see new prospects and new revenues for years.  A good review never wears
    This program is easily adaptable to use as a very affordable triple purpose program or just use the on line review system if your company is already
    visible on line.

    Price List: (starting at)
    Local Directory Listing (no Optimization)  $175.00    Submit your company to Google, Yahoo and Bling.
    Local Directory Listing with Optimization  $495.00    Submit and add reviews, local links, and other key optimization features.
    Local Listing Optimization only                  $299.00    If your company is already in the directories we will Optimize those.
    Company reputation and review system     $325.00 set up, $79.00 a month. ( Each program is customize for your company)
         For under $500.00 and $79.00 a month after set up you can not get a better value for your marketing dollars.

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