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Types of companies we have helped.

Since 1998 we have worked with:

  • Business consultants
  • I.T. Service providers
  • Restaurants and Chain Restaurants
  • Telecom service providers
  • Publishing companies
  • Architects
  • CPA and Bookkeeping firms
70% of advertising is a waste.

Advertising experts say that 70% of
advertising is money down the drain.

We completely agree.
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We have been helping companies
grow revenue for years.

Our sales Jump Start programs have helped
generate over 200 million dollars in new sales
for companies. We have learned many lessons
and developed proven systems to increase
sales and profits.
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Local Denver Search Engine Optimization

If you are a business with a city reach, local web optimization is the best return on investment you can make in
promoting and advertising your company. Being in the top rankings for your categories will bring you more prospects
over time at a better investment than any other marketing you can do.

Local SEO Optimization
S.E.O. and Internet Marketing in Denver
Local Directory Listings
Google looks at over 200 different items in determining where your business will rank in their local directory
and organic listings. We will list and then optimize those listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing and do the organic
SEO needed to get your phone ringing with new prospects.

Call us or use our contact
form so we can give you a
free assessment of your
web visibility.

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Having a highly visible web site in the search engines can make a huge impact on your sales. When
prospects use the Internet to find a local business Google, Bing and others will give them results
based on which web sites are in thier view the most popular.

Local optimization fiollows the same process as organic,  with the foolwing additional work.

  • List your business with the search engine local directories. If already listed we will optimize your
    listings for you.
  • Add your local pysical address to your web site in several places.
  • Add your site to city specific directories.
  • Obtian "local" links or citations back to your site,

THe goal is to have your site listed in not only the top for organic rankings, but also for the "Maps"
listings, which in many cases will be more important and higher on the page than organic.
Contact us now for a free siteand financial feasibilty assessment for Search engine
We have worked with many different Industries for Search engine optimization and Internet
Marketing including:

I.T. Services
Legal Support
Health and Fitness
Energy contractors
Moving Companies
Our Irresistible SEO offering for Custom programs:


  •    You will see a minimum 200% return on your investment or your money back.
  •    You will have 24-7 access to a  document showing every thing we are doing.              
  •    We use a 100% transparent process.  No surprises.
  •    We use White Hat tactics only. In 8 years we have never had a client penalized by   

Special Offer:  As a Google Engaged Agency partner we can provide you with Free Pay Per
click set up,  free clicks to your site for one month.
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