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    Back links for your site:

    All SEO experts agree that the most important part of your site's ranking on search engines is the quality and number
    of back links to your site, and your "on Site" SEO. As a full time SEO firm we are researching new linking
    opportunities for clients every day, as well as analyising successful on site methods.  

    With our Starter SEO package we will add your site url (web site address) and information to high authority
    individual site pages (on different domains) every month. We have completed the research on all of these pages to
    ensure they are:

    1.)  Indexed by Google,
    2.)  Have an individual page rank (not just a domain PR ranking),
    3.)  Have been identified on back link reports for highly ranked sites we are researching,
    4.)  Have a SEOmoz trust factor that is acceptable.
    5.)  Have NOT been penilized by the recent Google over optimization changes.

    Many of these opportunities took us hours to find and research. Each month you will may save up to 20 hours of back
    link research and linking. (If you’re an SEO company, you know the value of a quality link and the time it takes to
    research them.)  Each one is different, and many are human edited, so approvals can take anywhere from 1 hour to
    30 days or more.

    You won’t find these link opportunities on any public list, or web site. These are all individually researched by us
    exclusively for our clients who are on the first page of Google, or heading to high Search Engine rankings.
    How We Research Links

    On Site SEO Tactics:
    All good SEO companies understand the importance of your web site to the SEO process. As a starter SEO member
    we will send you the free home page assessment when you start.  It will make recommendations on your Meta Title,
    Meta Description, and any changes to your copy you may want to make.  Because this is an actual manual assessment,
    not an online automated (and pretty worthless) assessment, this may take up to 14 days to deliver.

    You can send it directly to your web master to make the changes.

    Social Media:
    Social media signals are important to Search Engines. We give you a free membership to help promote your business on Facebook,
    Twitter, Google Places, and any Social sites you belong to, as long as you use our service.

    You will receive a monthly report showing every page we added your site to and a Ranking Report for
    your main keywords.

    Free Phone and Email Support:
    All members receive two free questions answered about SEO monthly. Ever wonder about reciprocal link requests,
    or the newest SEO trends?  Have you been approached by a Pay per Click Company like ATT, or Smart Pages and
    you’re not sure the value?  We are just a phone call or email away, and have saved clients thousands of dollars by
    investigating advertising opportunities for them. The average reply time is within 24 hours, unless you give us a really
    tough question that may take some research.

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Starter SEO:  $199.00 a month
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